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Color Filters and Duotones in Web Design: Top 7 Examples

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A grid of squares make an amazing navigational aid, most especially if developed with good colors in alternate squares.

Andover Fork Truck Services


Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t love fork trucks? Also, who hates the relaxing mint green color? This website gives life to a black and white background with on-brand coloring.

Chris Redshaw


What do you think Chris Redshaw does? Maybe his profession has something to do with direction and design. Whatever industry he is in, he seem to do it well.



Evoluir’s web design uses floaty geometric shapes and tricky scrolling to impress website users. Though, the duotone backgrounds which were utilized can create impactful results.



Highlighting agency work can eventually lead to messy website designs, since various creatives and logos clash. LPK is able to mitigate this impact by incorporating duotones, filters and gradients to its sliders.

Social Chain


This is a good example of an agency website utilizing basic duotone background photos in order to get that print feel.

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